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Synthetic Auto Lube

"From Coast-to-Coast, We Go the Extra Mile"

Independent AMSOIL Dealer, La Luz, Otero County, NM
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Application Guides

If you are looking for application specific products for your vehicles, please click the following link (Auto & LIght Truck Guide) or click on one of the categories at the bottom of the page for your specific application.

Each of the links will open the external AMSOIL specific webpage in a separate window. If you have any questions or need clarification on any product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Filter Guides

Vintage Vehicle Filter Lookup

Find AMSOIL filters for vintage vehicles. You will need to know vehicle make, year, model and engine size.

Heavy Duty Filter Lookup

Find AMSOIL and Donaldson filters for heavy-duty trucks, buses, and industrial equipment. You will need to know equipment type, make, model, and option/year.

Cross-Reference Guides

Master Filter Cross-Reference

Find the corresponding AMSOIL filter(s) for any manufacturer filter number.

Harley Davidson/AMSOIL Oil Chart

Harley Davidson/AMSOIL Oil Chart and Cross-Reference allow you to make me any size you want.